Turn your classroom into an economy!



Students take responsibility by applying to class jobs and earning paychecks for their hard work.



Students pay bills, such as rent and utilities, to learn needs versus wants & practice budgeting in a safe space.


Bonuses & Fines

Students can earn bonuses and fines to reinforce classroom values and promote positive social behaviors.



Students set goals, budget, and save. Choose from ClassEquity's suggest list of free rewards!

Choose from our recommendations, or customize your own! All features are fully optional so that you can create a system that works best for you and your students.

Engage Students

Learn to earn! Students take ownership for classroom routines, are recognized for their hard work, and are eager to practice real world skills.

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Teach Financial Literacy Graphic

Teach financial

Students practice budgeting, saving, and working towards goals. Implement this research-based system to teach financial responsibility in a safe space.

Create a positive classroom culture

Encourage positive behavior and acknowledge students for their wins to increase student motivation & confidence. ClassEquity supports a PBIS and Responsive Classroom framework.

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Save time!

Let's be real, teachers do a LOT more than just teach. Leave the classroom management to us so that you can get back to what's important.

Join our community of 4k+ teachers and students!

Real-World Learning

"We are loving it! I am definitely the biggest advocate for this application. It's awesome!! We even got to talking about inflation today (I told them how I might have to adjust store prices based on how much they earn each month - SO COOL)"

-Keali B.
4th Grade Teacher

Easy to Use

"Oh my goodness...this is everything I have dreamed of. 1 million times better than anything we've ever used. I wish we had this last year!"

-Sarah F.
5th Grade Teacher

Engage Students

"Can't tell you how excited we are to use this and share it with other teachers. The kids have been loving it and want to check their page all the time😂"

-Laura P.
Bilingual Teacher

What are students saying?

"I feel proud when I get a bonus, but I don't like getting fines. It makes me think before doing something." 

"I like having my own bank account because it helps me know how much I deposit, withdraw, and spend. #adulting" 

"I am learning things that will help me in the real world, like how to apply for jobs and keep track of my money."

"ClassEquity helps me save my money and not spend it all, cause i have a problem with spending money."

"I like that I can deal with real world things that I am to young to deal with."

"I love our classroom store. I want to buy everything, but I'm trying to save up to buy 5 minutes of extra recess for everyone."


Can ClassEquity be used as a school wide program?
What happens if a student doesn't have enough to pay rent?
Where does the name ClassEquity come from?

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