About Us

Our mission is to increase economic mobility by empowering students to become financially responsible.

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Equity: Ownership

Create ownership of classroom routines and give students a voice.

Equity: Providing fair opportunities

Close the financial literacy gap by increasing access to personal finance, especially to those who need it the most.

Our Story

Abby and Katie both joined Teach for America as middle school math teachers. During their time in the classroom, they experienced what all teachers said before them- having a positive classroom culture is KEY to a successful year. However, common classroom management strategies were, for lack of better words, painfully awful. It’s hard to engage students in a meaningful way.

While teaching, Abby learned about the "classroom economy" system from a close teacher friend (South Carolina teacher of the year nominee, no biggie). The system seemed magical- teachers can build a positive classroom environment, AND students get to practice real-world skills in the process. Teaching in an underserved community, Abby saw the importance of providing her students the tools they need to succeed in today's world, and many weren't learning smart money moves at home. Now, Abby could knock out two birds with one stone- effectively engage her students in classroom routines and teach financial literacy in a fun and practical way.

However, printing and cutting money, handing out physical paychecks, collecting rent, and making sure students held on to their bank ledgers was simply not feasible. After talking with teachers about their make-shift hacks and scouring the internet for student friendly solutions but coming up empty handed, it was clear that teachers needed a digital solution. So, Abby and teacher-turned-web-developer friend Katie teamed up to build one themselves! The duo spent months collaborating with educators to design a system truly by teachers for teachers, and after overwhelming excitement from their community, the rest was history :) 

ClassEquity launched in August of 2021, and we are humbled to have over 3k+ teachers and students as thought leaders and partners in the classroom thus far! We love working alongside rockstar educators to continue to build a tool that teachers and students love. Thanks for being part of our classroom economy community, we are so excited to have you here!

Our Team

Abby Coyle

In her free time, you can find Abby surfing, hiking, or reading a good mystery book.

Katie Gracey

In her free time, you can find Katie around a board game with family and friends or enjoying live music.

Our goal is to make the classroom economy system as easy and seamless as possible for teachers to incorporate into their weekly routine. We truly believe in the power of the system to not only create a positive learning environment but to teach students how to be financially responsible. With ClassEquity, we aim to increase economic mobility by giving all students the tools they need to become financially independent, regardless of their zip code.
                                                                                                                                                                  -Abby & Katie