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Amber N., 7th grade teacher

I no longer have to worry about discipline or student responsibilities because kids are motivated and build community in a way that I haven't experienced in 21 years of teaching!!!

Mackenzie T., 5th grade teacher

Thank you ClassEquity for helping me throughout this semester and helping our classroom environment become one of respect and accountability!

Brynn A., 7th & 8th grade teacher

ClassEquity is a fun and exciting way for students to learn financial responsibility, organization and delayed gratification, among other important life skills. I think this is a great way to introduce kids to the real world that awaits them.

Donna M., 8th grade teacher

I knew I had to have ClassEquity when I saw my students rushing to get to class. Or volunteering to help around the classroom. Eventually, that evolved into students offering to help with things even when they weren’t getting “paid “!


ClassEquity is grounded in
evidence-based practices


Improve social emotional competence, academic success, and school climate by highlighting positive behaviors.

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Empower students to develop self-awareness and self-efficacy along with relationship building and decision making skills.


Use data to help match academic, behavioral, and instructional resources to each and every student’s needs.

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Experiential Learning

Teach financial literacy through experience to increase mastery without sacrificing valuable direct instruction time.

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Engage your entire staff

Give all teachers the ability to acknowledge positive behaviors and award points to any student at your school in a quick and easy format.

Simplify your school store

Ditch those paper tickets to make your job easier and empower students to practice budgeting, saving, and spending in a safe environment.

Improve Behavior Management


Increased Collaboration

Give your teachers the tools they need to collaborate across teams and grade levels to increase support for your students.


Student Data & Analytics

Provide behavioral analytics to discover trends, find best practices, and improve your school-wide culture with data-driven decisions.


A Unified System

It's no surprise that students need consistency, but staff do too! A unified system helps strengthen expectations and outcomes.

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Did you know that there are federal grants available for social impact programs like ClassEquity?

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Bring the benefits of ClassEquity into every class in your school!

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